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Grow as you go. Pay as you go. Plus get incredible support along the way. It’s simple. Start with what you need. Add new ways to communicate, extra storage and email accounts as you are ready. No need to pay for stuff you’ll never use.
  • Easy setup.
  • Creative design help.
  • Just add content.
When you sign up for an E-zekiel plan, we do all the heavy-lifting to make sure your Web site is successful.

From hosting to domains to SEO

You may not realize it, but when you sign up for a plan with E-zekiel, you're joining a crowd of great people. We're talking about the other thousands of churches already using E-zekiel.

What you're also getting is a dedicated team of professionals committed to making your Web site a success. That's why we do all the heavy-lifting for you. We set up your hosting on one of our servers, we secure a domain name of your choice (or transfer it from another provider if needed), and set up your email accounts.

Which plan should I start with?

You're free to choose any plan and upgrade later if you like.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding:
  • What are the key things you want your Web site to do?
    Look at the plan that has the right match for the goals you're aiming for.
  • What will you try to accomplish on the web next?
    For example, if you know you want to add audio sermons later, why not go ahead and try a plan that includes the ability to upload and share audio files (Thrive, by the way).
  • How much time do you have to try out features?
    If you have some extra time to play around with extra features you may not use right away - why not give them a try?
  • How many people will be contributing to your Web site?
    If you have the need for multiple people to access and edit content on your Web site, take the opportunity to work with a plan that supports it – Thrive.
  • What comes with E-zekiel?
    E-zekiel is a complete solution for ministry on the Web. You don't need another hosting company.
    • Church Web design
      You can browse, apply and even modify any of the over Web designs that come with every E-zekiel plan.
    • Editing tools
      Creating and editing content uses familiar toolbars and icons - so adding your content and keeping it fresh is a breeze - even without knowing code.
    • Media tools
      Upload media files - like audio and video. When you choose Thrive, this can be done directly within your E-zekiel Control Panel via the Media manager
    • Publishing tools
      Scheduling and publishing web content can be done in many different ways through E-zekiel. The higher the plan, the more publishing features available for you to use.
    • Customer Service
      We strongly believe in providing customer support that helps you grow as a webmaster and communicator, not feel rotten about it all. There are plenty of ways to get assistance with every E-zekiel plan, including toll-free telephone support

Seriously. Try E-zekiel free for 14 days. No credit cards, commitments or contracts. If you like what you see, easily upgrade and keep your work.