Responsive Church Website Designs

Flexible, Responsive Designs for your church website

You can choose - your design or ours. E-zekiel includes a library of ministry-centric ready-to-use web designs, a growing number of dazzling new themes, and the ability to use your own custom design. Plus, since all of our designs are built to be responsive, you can rest assured that your website will look its best on any device, without any additional effort on your part. 

Purpose and Style for your church website

The Style of design you choose should be in line with your marketing goals. Your marketing efforts depend on the type of audience you want to appeal to. In other words, what are your future goals for your church and how do we help you express that digitally? This is the beginning of your digital marketing plan and the best plans start with a focus. Your focus is 1). What is the purpose of my website? (what are you trying to achieve?) and 2). Who is my target market? (meaning basically what age group are you trying to appeal to?)

Flexible, Responsive Designs for your church website


Let’s answer question #1 first. What is the purpose of my website? Here are some great examples of how other church leaders answered that question:
  • Some church leaders find the website a great central hub for all church information including holiday service hours, easy ways to join the church, and an up-to-date list of volunteer opportunities within the community.
  • Some websites serve as a standard online presence- more and more people are using online research to find a local church to join.
  • Some want to simply share God’s message and celebrate each and every soul that is saved through digital ministry.
Record the answer in your notes. This information will become a foundational building block in your digital marketing strategy and you will want to be able to access it again.

To answer the second question, consider both your existing members as well as who you’d like to attract with your message. Think about the people in your church community who help make your church unique. Some possibilities include:

• Your most active members
• Your superstars and unsung heroes
• Your greeters and small group leaders

What makes them different? What attracts them to your community? What keeps them coming back week after week, pitching in and volunteering? What is it about your church that makes sure they feel included and encourages them to get involved? You should also consider new audiences you would like to attract, like younger members, recently relocated transplants, and so on. It’s important to craft your messages to talk directly to the audience you most want to attract. Keep their wants and needs in mind as you write your website copy.

Now that you have answered these two foundational questions, you have the building blocks to develop your church website. Contact us to learn more about our many features and tools to help you create the best site for your church, or to get started today.
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