What you should know about our church websites:

What do you want your website to accomplish?

Determine the main goal of what you want from your website. Whether you are trying to recruit new members, connect with current members or showcase the efforts of your missionaries, E-zekiel can help.

Which plan should I choose to start?

You may choose any plan because you have the ability to upgrade at any time. Consider what level of customer service, storage and website customization you are anticipating. If you think you will need lots of support- then go for a higher level pricing plan. If you have dedicated personnel to oversee your church website- then you may choose a more basic package.

What comes with my E-zekiel church website?

E-zekiel is a complete solution for ministry on the Internet. You do not need another hosting company. Since all of our plans are different just look for the plan that matches your church’s marketing goals and purpose of your website.

What additional services do you offer to help my website performing at its best?

We are a full-service web development company. From hosting to domains to SEO, we specialize in a multitude of services to keep your website functioning and moving higher in the search engine rankings. Each service package differs depending on your needs. See our Additional Services page for complete information on pricing, descriptions and other details.

What if I already have an existing website?

No problem at all- we can easily transfer your domain name from another provider and get your website ready to populate in a matter of days. We can also reinvent your digital presence by giving your website a new up-to-date look and feel.

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