Free Church Website Consultation

Let us answer your questions before you get started.

We know getting started with a website can be a big decision for a church and any organization. Moving from another provider is often an even bigger decision.

Let us help you work through any uncertainties and questions. For example, if you don’t see a specific feature or you’re not sure if this “thing” does “that.” Give us a ring, we can help you with “that.” Toll-free at 1-888-942-6607.

Customer support hours (by phone and email) are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST, excluding U.S. holidays.

Ready to get started or move to E-zekiel?

Follow these steps for a smooth start…
  1. Go to the Contact Us page and fill out your information, including your domain name if you have one.  
  2. We will get in touch with you via the contact information you provided to help you choose a plan and get started.

Moving from a different provider?

If you’re moving from another website provider, consider these important questions. Don’t worry if you answer “yes” to any of these – just call customer service at 1-888-942-6607 and we can help.
  • Are you under any contracts that might charge you if you cancel?
  • Do you plan to keep your current website design?
  • Are you working with a professional designer or firm to create your website?
  • Do you plan to use the same content from your existing website?
  • Are there any features you have now that you don’t see in E-zekiel?
  • Do you plan to keep both websites running for any period of time?
Don’t forget to let your current provider know that you want to close your account and when.

About domain management.

If you’re just getting started, you may not currently own a domain name. We can help by purchasing a name of your choice at a cost of $18 per year.

If you already have a domain name, just tell us what it is when you complete the order form. We’ll be sure to set it up on our end, pointing it to your new account.

If you manage your own domain name, you can redirect it to E-zekiel. If you’re not sure, call 1-888-942-6607.

You can also transfer an existing domain name to us for $18. If you chose to do this, we’ll manage pointing the domain correctly and making sure you’re alerted when it’s time to renew your domain.