Giving Kiosks For The Church

E-zekiel Giving Kiosks

Giving kiosks are iPad based and offer members the ability to swipe and tithe with their debit or credit card at a designated location. Members also have the ability to specify the amount to be given and how it should be used. This service is especially useful, because it combines a contemporary device, the iPad with a modern payment method, the credit card or debit card. Using a card eliminates a lot of the hassle normally  encountered with cash or checks including: counting bills, storing, recording, potential loss, potential theft, etc. In addition, electronic payments can be set up monthly or even pre-scheduled for members of the congregation with limited mobility.

How Does It Work?

The E-zekiel Giving account manager can control all of the settings for your kiosk from the web-based control panel. Changes are automatically pushed to the kiosks in real time. These safe and secure transactions are well documented and accounted for within your account. The iPad Giving Kiosks make it incredibly easy for your donors to make contributions while also making it a great deal easier for you to manage donations.

All models include an iPad, stand or mount and an integrated card reader. The iPads are amazingly easy to use because they are touch screen operated, Wi-Fi ready, multi-functional and portable. Each kiosk plan is just $19 per month with no start-up fee and three models available to lease or purchase. Contact us now to order.

E-zekiel Giving Kiosks